20. College. FCB. La Roja.

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someone fucking date me this isn’t funny anymore

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If Leo doesn’t say “I might be Leo in the streets but I’m Messi in the sheets” to Antonella then he’s wasting his time

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What Sergio Ramos really thinks - requested by anon


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Tim Howard by Randall Slavin for Adweek

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i got 99 problems and hot players on rival teams are all of them

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"Will I be captain? It’d be an honour to replace Puyol. This morning, we have voted. We’ll see what the result will be."

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Training session 04/08/2014 (morning)

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“What will happen with shirt of 700th Barcelona game? My shirt goes to the club museum. The club already asked me” -Xavi Hernandez

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He looks like a father who needs to take care of his sons because his wife went to an art gallery with her friends and he is so fucking done with these boys.

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Jesus Navas asked by forever-reading-fc

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